After turning in one of the best albums of 2013 in the form of ‘1977’, Rune Reilly Kölsch has fast become one of Kompakt’s most important artists.

His unique brand of synth-soaked electro/techno and melodic, instrumental-led dance music has seen him play sets all over the world as well as collaborate with globe-conquoring artists such as Nicki Minaj, Shakira and Flo Rida.

For his next EP, Kölsch will release via Kompakt’s dance-focused series Speicher and the record once again showcases the unique and impressive sound that the producer is pushing.

From the two-tracker, we have the premiere of second cut ‘Cassiopeia‘ and the piano-laden banger is reminiscent of ‘Der Alte’. This one will be the perfect to conjure up any end of set euphoria. Check it out.


Max: “Lusine was one of my ideal remixers for the album, and thanks to Sean at Decibel festival, the hookup was made and he was into the idea. He’s turned out a beautiful remix of Woven Ancestry, which if you’ve seen me play recently, you probably heard in my set. The mix has special balance of being a great piece of music to listen to at home, but then when it’s unleashed in a club it’s groove takes on a whole new life which I hadn’t seen coming until I tried it out – Thanks Jeff!”


Isoglosses are dialect boundaries. One of them is the Speyer Line. In the south it’s Orange, in the north it’s Apfelsine. In fact, everyone refers to the same thing. This is why OrangeApfelsine is music for all people and leaves the turmoil of language to others. And to tell the truth: if summer’s coming then it should be this fruit. Brisk, beyond all bounds. 
Electronic music made in Cologne. Beyond all bounds.

Denkzettel is a ‘happytrack’. Makes you want to go outside and be friendly.,.


Woooow!! I heard this track more than a year ago when I saw Guy J performing live @ CODE AM.. He told a friend of mine he just finished this one and that he wanted to see how the crowd responded on his new track Dizzy Moments.

Well I was not on the dancefloor but somewhere higher! :-)


It’s been a while since I wrote my last post, and I had planned to write this one so much earlier, but no excuses, it didn’t happen. I think work, my passion for bands and singer-songwriters and especially slowtronica took up all of my available time. And since I promised myself that I would only share really great music with you, a quick crappy post is not an option.

But today, with a long Easter weekend there is time to share a song that’s on my radar for already a couple of weeks now. From one of my favorite dutch talented dj’s which I saw performing live many times, but who’s melodic techno style keeps fascinating me. And who will also perform today at DGTL festival Analog stage. So I couldn’t resist the temptation to share this amazing new track “Wolkenfeld”.

Ok. And because it’s sunday another ‘bonus’ track from mr. Schiks, a remix that he made for Einmusik, a carnival like techno track called


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