It’s been a while since I wrote my last post, and I had planned to write this one so much earlier, but no excuses, it didn’t happen. I think work, my passion for bands and singer-songwriters and especially slowtronica took up all of my available time. And since I promised myself that I would only share really great music with you, a quick crappy post is not an option.

But today, with a long Easter weekend there is time to share a song that’s on my radar for already a couple of weeks now. From one of my favorite dutch talented dj’s which I saw performing live many times, but who’s melodic techno style keeps fascinating me. And who will also perform today at DGTL festival Analog stage. So I couldn’t resist the temptation to share this amazing new track “Wolkenfeld”.

Ok. And because it’s sunday another ‘bonus’ track from mr. Schiks, a remix that he made for Einmusik, a carnival like techno track called

E-Spectro – the duo of electronic experimenters. The constant search for new sounds and styles add a unique blending of tone sounding band, it’s progressive, deep, techno and even trance, their work can not be attributed to any particular genre of electronic music.

The history of the project began in 2008 when two DJ Ivan Rayt Igor Born and combining their efforts would bring his studio work on a professional level. Track by track, they acquired the popularity and respect among connoisseurs of “intellectual sound.” In their work time to do remixes of such renowned artists as: Stan Kolev, Glenn Morrison and Eddy Good. Also, support for popular DJs are not passed by, at different times, the name of the E-Spectro was noticed in sets from Markus Schulz, Matt Darey, Moonbeam, Richard Durand, Andrea Bertolini, etc. Throughout its existence, E-Spectro sound changes all the time and gets new colors, but remain unchanged harmony and melodic modulations, they have always been a hallmark of this project.

Here’s ‘At Heart‘..


What’s on the menu for today? Hmm, let me think.. Oh I remember, it’s CODE AM!!! I’m really curious how this edition is gonna be. I went to the 1st one, to the 2nd one and this is gonna be the 3rd one. Looking forward to see Kölsch live for the 1st time.


French producer Teho is doing great this year with releases on Parquet, Cinematique, Inlab and MNL, he has recently been remixed by Oliver Lieb, Boss Axis, Lanny May and N’to. His unique live performance has been catching some attention and we hope he will keep touring around the world! He has recorded two driving original tracks for this Ep, both tracks are ready to rock any dance floor!

Teho has teamed up with Willy Real to produce “La Comedie”, Willy usually release music with David Prap on quality labels like Parquet and his new label Neko Music. We are happy to welcome back Micrologue from Germany on the label. He delivers a beautiful dreamy interpretation of ‘Nothing Gonna Change‘. To close this release Van Did has done a groovy and hypnotic remix of “La Comedie”.


Sunday afternoon, at home, chilling, recovering from a nice welcome back party at Next Mondays Hangover, looking back at a great weekend, I finally find some time to pick up my laptop, dive in the world of electronic dance music again to discover some new stuff. I know, it’s been a while, but like mr Wim always says: “Quality can wait”.

So searching a little bit around, I came across David August, a young germain producer from Hamburg. I already heard his name passing by many times so was immediately enthusiastic to discover more about him. Having his breakthrough on Oliver Koletzki’s Still Vor Talent label, David was able to conquer his space in the deep & tech scene from 2010 with great tracks like Trumpet Victory and Sweden Roof. These days David is producing for the Diynamic label (Solomun and others).

Recently, I discovered, David moved to Berlin and started with his “Tonmeister” education course, where he will combine learning practical producing skills with classical and modern music knowledge. With the aim of taking his producing skills and produced tracks to the next level. Quite fascinating I must say.

Today his new track Epikur which will be released soon on the Innervisions label.


Icelandic neo-classical composer Ólafur Arnalds teams up with Bloodgroup mastermind Janus Rasmussen for a new project – Kiasmos. Having released their first tracks ‘65’ and ‘Walled’ in form of a split 12″ with label mate Rival Consoles in 2009, 2012 shall finally see the duo return with their long-awaited debut album.

In the earlier days when Arnalds used to work as a sound engineer – often for Rasmussen’s main project Bloodgroup – the two musicians discovered their common love for minimal, experimental techno music. At first they only met on weekends for a few drinks and used the time to create experimental sounds with beats various samples. But they eventually became best friends, and now Janus often accompanies Ólafur’s solo shows with his electronics.

When I listened to Ryan Davis’ newest set, I was really moved by one particularly track… I searched and searched and finally I found the ID of this track: Kiasmos – Driven. Totally worth the sound of ……..





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